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Moulin-à-Vent Vignes de 1903

Rich and elegant

Reds: The steep slopes and small hillsides planted with the Gamay grape vines are revealed in treasures by the winemakers. Fruity generous : The wine is harmonious expressing the spirit of the place and the unique character of the winemaker, notes of spices and black fruits Winter wines, The wines are able to warm up your winter evenings and pair well with hearty meals Wines for aging, these are elegant wines with very fine tannins, he can be kept and aged for ten years or more.

Moulin à Vent Vignes de 1903


A single vineyard planted in 1903 by the grand-father of the former owner. At the time, he selected very qualitative rootstocks “Riparia Gloire” very adapted to the soil. Thanks to a manual work, generations succeed and the old Gamay vines are still here nowadays. I decided to isolate this vineyard in order to conserve it as long as possible and to work in this plot like the older generations with tradition and respect to nature.

Food Pairings

Pair with duck, beef, and game.

Retail price

23,00 €

Potential for aging.

15 Years.

Optimum moment for tasting.

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Moulin à Vent Vignes de 1903

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